Uniquely Designed Tiny House Plans


I've never met tiny house plans I didn't like!  

You've come to the right place to find your perfect tiny home and now it's just a matter of choosing which one you will fall in love with.

These are ideal micro homes to get you free of the financial strain of large mortgage repayments while still being suitable for your lifestyle and needs.

Start with a basic home, especially if this is your first one. The simpler the design, the less expensive it will be for you to build.

Tiny Prefab |  Very Small Solar | Little Gypsy Caravan
Video of a Tiny House Lifestyle

Inexpensive small house plans

Simple Do-It-Yourself Prefab Design

micro homes micro housesWhen you need a home to call your own and your time, money or building experience is limited, this tiny prefab method is just the ticket.

Panels constructed off the home site with common building materials - plywood (or OSB) sheathing and standard dimensional lumber - can be stored then transported easily in the back of a pickup when you're ready to assemble your house.  With a design of simple panelling, you can be underway and snapping together the individual pieces with the help of a few simple power tools and a friend or two.

Need a slightly larger living space? Add multiple units together as time and money permit.

You'll be a self-sufficient, home-building whiz in no time with these plans for small inexpensive house designs.

Tiny house plans grow in popularity every day and for substantially less time and money than a standard home 
(with no mortgage), your new dwelling will be ready for habitation!

Catch a sneak peak of what's included with this design

Benefits for You:
Simple for a beginner DIYer to build  Readily available and inexpensive building materials and tools 
Quick assembly time compared to standard house No mortgage - build for cash
Cheap to heat and cool  Your friends will call you a DIY Expert!

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Plan for the sun with solar passive house designs

Very Small Solar Do-It-Yourself House Plans

tiny house plansWith the tiny solar saltbox house plans come simplicity in building as well as a solar passive design.  The back wall has been designed to face the sun, capturing the solar rays for even distribution throughout the evening.

Once you've built one little solar house, the 8' x 12' structure can be created side by side with another to create even more living space. Included are plans for an optional sleeping/storage loft.

With step by step instructions for building from the foundation up to the dimensions to cut for each part of the walls, floors, doors and the like, you don't need to be a building expert to have your very own tiny solar house.

Hear the designer talk about the inclusions in this set of plans

Benefits for You:
Easy build  Inexpensive to heat & cool 
Minimal construction time  Uses cheap, simple tools and building materials  Loft space  No mortgage required - build for cash!

Build Small + Solar:
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Tiny Inexpensive House designs

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PDF Format | 45 pages | $9.95

Gypsy Wagons

Gypsy Caravans : Portable Houses on WheelsSmall Gypsy Caravan Plans

Plans for this gorgeous little timber gypsy caravan, known as the 'Don Vardo', are one of a kind.

The gypsy caravan's plans include how to build:

the trailer and wood-floor frame,
stud walls and roof,
the method of hand-building the laminated rafters,
moisture control,
rain-screen walls,
utilities, and
finish work

The tiny house plans don't include space for a bathroom/toilet however a composting toilet would make a marvellous addition.  In the living space you'll find a small counter, sink, fold-out bed and a desk.

As micro homes go, this would have to be the most warm and charming little dwelling.  It's also portable as it's built onto a trailer so you never have to leave your home behind!  

Benefits for You:
Inexpensive to heat & cool  Your friends will want one just like yours and you'll develop interest and admirers wherever you take your little gypsy caravan No mortgage required - build for cash.

Plans for Gypsy Caravans:
Tiny, Unique and Character-filled
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22 pages | $175

Dee Williams, featured in the above video, is one of the designers of the 'Don Vardo'
Gypsy caravan
.  She's quite the celebrity these days all thanks to her little house!

Making Your Plans Building With Tiny House Plans

If you're inclined to
do a little DIY, whether by yourself or with a friend or two, make it as inexpensive as possible by exchanging your hard work for savings.

Think about alternative ways to save on building costs

Building a cheap house doesn't mean you have to sacrifice character, charm and your own version of perfection.

Here are a few ways to minimize your building costs:

  • Use recycled materials such as wood, brick and stone (from old houses or buildings that have been torn down) to build house frames and internal and external walls.  Big savings for you.
  • Get a few qualified tradesmen friends together for a house- building party (naturally, providing the beer and a barbeque to say Thanks!).  And Voila! You save on labour costs.
  • Freecycle and ask for help from your neighbours and local residents in your area to find building materials and anything else you need for your new small home.  It's all FREE!
Be sure to check out the building regulations in your town/city with regard to use of materials and any requirements for the size of dwellings before you start to build.

Making plans for building with tiny house plans pays off!  As a long-term reward for your thoughtful planning and a bit of leg work, your (smaller) mortgage and repayments will be easier to bare.

You'll feel pretty proud of yourself for being a DIY genius when you're sipping a cold drink on the front porch of your newly constructed home and your friends are angling for you to build them a home from tiny house plans too.

Learn about the "No More Mortgage!" Concept

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