Be part of a Small House Society

The Society of the Small HouseWhile it's not the kind of society to which you wear ball gowns and gorge yourself on an evening meal (that just set you back $1,000 per head) the Small House Society is, none-the-less, rather unique.  It was founded by Jay Shafer, Shay Salomon, Nigel Valdez, and Gregory Johnson as "a voice for the Small House movement".

Who are the members?

  • Lovers of Small and/or Tiny houses and small space living in general;
  • Those with the desire to live a more sustainable life with a less-is-better mindset;
  • Seekers of freedom from extreme mortgages and other debt;
  • A holistic view towards living a more thoughtful and mindful existence on our planet.

Sound like you?  Great!  Hop on over to the Small House Society's website and join up for $5 per year.

See how your membership fees help spread the good word about Small House living worldwide.

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