Got big dreams and a small budget?
Grab some small cottage house plans

Right alongside of the dream for our own home is the need for the house of our choice to be a comfortable, relaxing space.  There's every aspect of the cozy included for free when you're looking at small cottage house plans and small cabin plans.

Cabins and cottages go hand in hand with a beach-side location (as vacation homes or permanent residences), as sleepy country cottages and are equally at home in the mountains too (and who doesn't love the romance of a snow-covered facade at Christmas).

How Do Small Cottages Fit Into Your Future

Down-sizing a house these days is almost a necessity.

We have to contend with:

  • a seemingly continual global economic down-turn
  • rising interest rates
  • the cost of utilities increasing as the world's resources dwindle
  • increasing real estate prices
  • redundancies and job losses
  • personal debt levels that have never been seen before!

With a global population that includes a large number of those who will be staring down the barrel of retirement age soon, it's a mad scramble to get those monthly expenses reduced so our savings can increase enough to support us when we take that option to retire.

Small cottage plans are an alternative that allow us to
maintain the home owner's dream of comfort
while minimizing unnecessary space and cost

Green Home Plans

Hand in hand with easier access to alternative energy sources, small cottage home plans are also green-er home plans and make it realistic to expect that you can maintain your future with a level of independence and cost-control.

Our concept here at Living In Small Houses is to offer each individual who stops by an alternative for either living with no more mortgage or, at least, to assist in ways to minimize their mortgage.

The small cottage house plans and small cabin plans that are featured here are a wide range of choices as individual as you are so please enjoy your small cottage hunting!

Small space furniture for cottage and cabin plans

Tiny Cottage House Plans on Wheels

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