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If you enjoyed reading about Small Houses and their mortgage saving abilities and found my site helpful, please share this small houses site with others.

When I started building this site, it was to share a passion of mine and give everyone I come across the information I've been compiling over the past five years.  Everyone should at least know that the Small Houses option exists!

If you could point people to this site I would appreciate it very much.  Sharing the Mortgage-reducing love can only be helpful to others, right!

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Happy Small House Hunting!

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Living In Small Houses. Think big. Live small. Reduce your Mortgage.
Small houses are the long-awaited, but little known, solution for those who have grown despairing of huge mortgages. Find out how to live the small life in log cabins, kit homes, prefab homes, eco houses, mud brick houses, yurts, dome houses and more!

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Living In Small Houses

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Living In Small Houses

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I Love
For Small & Tiny Houses, visit:

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