Our Favourite Plans for
Small Inexpensive
House Designs

The ultimate recipe for plans for small inexpensive house designs that are easy to build:

  • detailed plans for small styles;
  • a little Mortgage (or No More Mortgage!) and
  • a dash of your personality!

What you end up with is your perfect small inexpensive home, free of the financial strain of large mortgage repayments, suitable for your lifestyle and needs.

So, how do you get to that place?  Start with a basic home, especially if this is your first one. The simpler the design, the less expensive it will be for you to build.  As finances and time permit, you can always grow it's structure if need be or add on a porch.

Simple is best to keep the costs down in the short term.

Tiny Prefab |  Very Small Solar | Shipping Container House

Simple Do-It-Yourself
Tiny Prefab Design

When you need a home to call your own and your time, money or building experience is limited, this tiny prefab method is just the ticket.

Panels constructed off the home site with common building materials - plywood (or OSB) sheathing and standard dimensional lumber - can be stored then transported easily in the back of a pickup when you're ready to assemble your house.

With a design of simple panelling, you can be underway and snapping together the individual pieces with the help of a few simple power tools and a friend or two.

Need a slightly larger living space? Add multiple units together as time and money permit.

You'll be a self-sufficient, home-building whiz in no time with these efficient plans for small inexpensive house designs.

Catch a sneak peak of what's included with this design

Benefits for You:

  • Simple for a beginner DIYer to build
  • Readily available and inexpensive building materials and tools
  • Quick assembly time compared to standard house
  • No mortgage - build for cash
  • Cheap to heat and cool
  • Your friends will call you a DIY Expert!

Get the Plans or Read More

PDF Format (Instant Download) | 90 pages | $19.95
Includes complete plans + FREE updates

Tiny Solar Do-It-Yourself
House Plans

With the tiny solar saltbox house plans come simplicity in building as well as a solar passive design.  The back wall has been designed to face the sun, capturing the solar rays for even distribution throughout the evening.

Once you've built one little solar house, the 8' x 12' structure can be created side by side with another to create even more living space. Included are plans for an optional sleeping/storage loft.

With step by step instructions for building from the foundation up to the dimensions to cut for each part of the walls, floors, doors and the like, you don't need to be a building expert to have your very own tiny solar house.

Hear the designer talk about the inclusions in this set of plans >>

Benefits for You:

  • Easy build
  • Inexpensive to heat & cool
  • Minimal construction time
  • Uses cheap, simple tools and building materials
  • Loft space
  • No mortgage required - build for cash!

Build Small + Solar:
Get the Solar Plans for
Small Inexpensive House designs
or Read More

PDF Format | 45 pages | $9.95
Includes complete plans + FREE updates

off-grid shipping container house

Learning how to build from plans for small inexpensive house designs such as shipping containers is still relatively unknown.

To ensure your build goes smoothly and considering that you may wish to do-it-yourself, having a full detailed set of plans, images, schematics, diagrams and what-not-to-do's is a treasure.

Watch the video below to learn a little more and see the process in action.

The author builder, Paul Chambers, lives in his container home and you get a real feel for what is involved. This book interacts with the internet with links to over 50 free high quality videos that show each aspect of the build from start to finish.

There are also links to training and information videos that will assist a prospective builder. One reviewer described it as the “Holy Grail” of information for anyone considering a similar project.

The cost savings alone, from the lessons learned sections make this book a MUST BUY. This is book is packed with quality information and is a pleasure to read.

Some of the inclusions are:

  • Tools used
  • Techniques that work
  • Material costs and sizes
  • Costs versus benefits
  • Breakdown of project costs
  • Wiring diagrams and schematics
  • Step by step instructions
  • Over 250 detailed colour photos
  • Mistakes
  • Thought processes
  • Problems I encountered
  • Other people's wisdom & experiences
  • Things I would do differently

Read more detail here >>

Plans for small inexpensive house designs grow in popularity every day and for substantially less time and money than a standard home (and perhaps with no mortgage), your new dwelling will be ready for habitation! 

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