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Log cabin kit homes inspire many of us to snuggle down into the inviting atmosphere of warm, timber logs and gingerbread house delights.

Are you channeling Grizzly Adams, perhaps?  It's amazing how a TV show from way back can stay with us for years afterward.

Whether you're captivated by the small log homes of a TV show of years ago or the possibility of a picture perfect, snow-covered facade in winter, you're in good company for sure!

There are many choices when considering small log cabin houses. Your main decision is to figure out whether the log cabin kits option is the right one for your needs. 

What's the difference between prefab and kit homes?

Let's clarify how log cabin kit homes and prefab log homes are supplied and how they differ:

Prefab Log Homes: Each piece of a prefabricated home is manufactured off the home site, delivered complete to your land and pieced together to completion/lock up by the same company.  A prefab supplier will look into the council permits and building requirements for your land prior to delivery and installation.  Often, a prefab home pricing will include fittings and fixtures and is supplied ready to move straight in.

Small Log Cabin Kit Homes: With a kit home, pieces are manufactured off-site, delivered to your land and left for completion by you/your building team.  So essentially, a kit home is more leg work for you as you need to organise a builder, obtain permits and the like.

log cabin kit homes

Do-It-Yourself, Prefab or Kit Home?

Choosing the right option for you will depend on your skill level when working on an exacting task such as building a log cabin:

  • D.I.Y. and build from scratch : Cut the logs, smooth and treat them, grab a plan and start building.  I won't go into detail here about this process as there is a fully detailed website owned by Ian Campbell, an expert on building DIY Log homes:
Learn how to build your own log cabin   

  • Order from a supplier of prefab log homes manufactured in an off-site factory, and have it delivered and put together in a matter of days or weeks.
  • Find a supplier of log cabin kit homes and stitch it all together, perhaps with a builder's help or flying solo in a more do-it-yourself fashion.

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USA Log kit suppliers USA: Suppliers of Small Log Cabin Kit Homes

Log cabin suppliers in the USA are plentiful.  We've found a resourceful website where a long and detailed list of all of the log kits suppliers in the USA are arranged geographically.

Alternatively, you can make contact with one form that will be delivered to all of the suppliers who will then respond to you directly. 

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Australia: Suppliers of Small Log Home Kits

Small Log Cabin Kit Homes AustraliaSouthern Australia based, we have specialised in small log cabin kit homes for over 30 years.

Cabin kits are the ideal small log home and well-priced.   Designs are drawn to your requirements from scratch, in-house and at cost by the our in-house team.  Supply of these kit homes is available to all areas of Australia, including remote areas. 

Virtually Maintenance Free Product

  • White ant proof
  • Steel chassis floors are fire and termite proof
  • Log wall modules are permanently treated against fungal attack and termites
  • Wall modules are waterproof guaranteed

Log Cabin Kit homesThe company’s thermo panels also offer great thermal efficiency and have one of  the highest thermal ratings of any wall system currently available in Australia – Rating 3.5.


Located in NSW, this manufacturer produces genuine engineered (milled) log home packages, using untreated Australian White Cypress, for delivery throughout Australia, as well as for export to the US, Japan and Korea.
Australian log cabin kit homesThey also create handcrafted log homes, which are built in Australia, in full scribe, chink style and in post & beam.  All handcrafted homes are custom-designed to fit the individual needs of each client.

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