Dramatically Reduce Your Debt by
Living Large in Small Spaces

Smaller houses are the long-awaited, but little known, solution for those who have grown despairing of crippling mortgages.  They're also a hugely reduced mortgage alternative for a first time home buyer -  especially when coupled with first time home buyer programs or grants.

Living Large In Small Spaces + DIY save the day:
 Dwellings built with the emphasis on simplicity and space-saving, using creative and inexpensive methods and plans, translate to a lower mortgage for you. You can even build a small house with no mortgage at all.

Living in small spaces.One major area of change in housing is towards the do-it-yourself model and simple living. Plans and resources for Small Homes, Tiny houses, mobile living, prefab homes, temporary dwellings and other small space living arrangements are becoming more accessible to everyone, everywhere.

Micro homes assist you in minimizing the major expense of a mortgage or building a house without a mortgage and allow leftover money to be put to better use.

Cutting back on what is excess or wasted (like space we don't use in our home) and learning more about how better to use our existing resources is simply smart living.

Do your mortgage repayments take a large chunk of your income each month?  Is there very little money left after the bank is paid and bills are taken care of? Have you ever considered how financially free you would be if you didn't have such a large and expensive mortgage to maintain?

Living large in small houses could mean you'd finally be able to go part time at work or take that long dreamed about overseas holiday ... if only you weren't forfeiting so much for your home mortgage payments each month.Do your mortgage repayments scare you?
Whatever new freedom you'd introduce, finding a solution that reduces that large and overwhelming debt can only bring more financial ease and joy to your life.

My name is Kim and I denounce large, cumbersome home mortgages to the point where I've developed quite a passion for small houses, small living and the frugal lifestyle. Being hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt is something I've always wanted to avoid.

Why avoid a huge home loan?

  • Income from a job is not guaranteed. We can see that clearly with lay-offs and redundancies in the current depressed economy.
  • Interest rates - what you pay at the time of buying your house multiplies anytime the banks want to increase your interest rates = uncertain repayments for homeowners.
  • Families suffer - when adults need to work full-time, multiple jobs and overtime to keep the house, family time is limited.
  • Financial strain and problems cause relationships to fracture, or even disintegrate entirely, from the stress.
  • Want to go on holiday a few times a year? Sorry, the bank needs you to keep working to pay off your debt for the next 30 years.
  • Got a special hobby or pastime that you love but no money left for indulging your passion? Maybe next year ...
  • A spate of bad health in your family means you need to stay home as caregiver but the bank still needs their money. No choice but to work and pay up or you're out!
  • When your lifetime is 60-80 years, and you spend 20 years as a child, 30 years, at least, working to pay off your loan, it only leaves you 10-30 years to enjoy your life debt free. Hey! That's not fair or fun.
  • While the banks are very helpful in offering mortgages for people with bad credit history, they aren't really doing you a favour.  Bad credit mortgage interest rates are always higher than standard interest rates because of the risk you pose to the bank. Higher risk equals higher interest rates for you to pay.  Digging a deeper well for yourself in the long term leaves you beholden to the mortgage and the bank and that has very serious consequences for your financial well-being.

The short version is that steep home prices and high interest rates and mortgages put you and I in a precarious position.

Your mortgage is saving you money!

Did you know that there is a great advantage to the cost of living increasing and interest rates going skyward?

The cost of living and interest rates increasing forces you to re-evaluate your financial situation and reduce your living space which then saves you money in other parts of your life too!

A well-planned and well built house, with less living space, can substantially lower, or even eliminate, electricity and gas costs. It can even cut down on your housework and that can only be a good thing, right!

I'm not kidding. Make the change from a standard sized house to a small house and you'll find yourself experiencing a mind shift. Your living habits will change, freeing up money for the more enjoyable things in life, such as:

  • travel - exciting, frequent holidays
  • luxuries for your family or yourself
  • great schools for the kids
  • upgrading your car
  • whatever your heart desires!

Mad about living in small spaces

Micro Houses really speak to me! I've been researching simple living spaces swith growing interest for over 5 years. Along the way I've gathered a tonne of fantastic, detailed information and experience to share.Cob house with a 'living' roof. Grow a garden on it!
There is a lot I want to show you - truly, smaller homes are the most effective (and only!) way of drastically  reducing your mortgage and repayments.  Perhaps you prefer NO mortgage repayments at  all? We have a plan for that too!

Discover step-by-step processes that guide you down the path to drastically reducing your mortgage with a smaller home - no matter what type of small, tiny or eco friendly house you fancy.

By the time you've finished reading, you'll know :

  • That there are small house plans to suit every fancy - you don't even need DIY experience!
  • You CAN build a house without a mortgage.  Scouts honour.
  • That there are small spaces for families to reduce their mortgage and still house the kids and the dog comfortably.
  • You don't even need to build it yourself. Solutions for the non-DIYers like are available too.
  • Living in small spaces can be creative, dynamic and organic with unusual house plans.
  • A smaller home can be portable and mobile.
  • Good things do come in small packages. And you can furnish your tiny house with them!
  • There is no need to re-invent the wheel. Just ask a DIY expert.
  • You don't have to sacrifice luxury just because you go small.
  • Small domains cause a mind shift.
  • The best homes in life are built with FREE small house plans!

Now, onto the good stuff - house plans for small homes! With Living In Small Houses, you can explore every type of small house plans.

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