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The use of specifically designed furniture for small spaces opens up a world full of innovative & compact furniture ideas.

Naturally enough, small space decorating requires the appropriate sized trappings. Like an elephant in a china shop, regular sized possessions just won't do the trick.  Suitable furniture for small spaces has come a long way in the past 10 years or so - modernized, minimalist and often convertible or dual-task.

You may be tempted to be as thrifty as you can be in your purchases for your new space.  Quality small furniture pieces are, ideally, well-designed, thoroughly practical and, as mentioned above, can sometimes even be convertible to multi-task their use.

Living in small spaces need not be cramped or uncomfortable and, when all is said and done, there are plenty of fantastic examples of small house decoration and layout that are the envy of many!

Small bedroom furniture

Let's start with small bedroom furniture:  we spend a great chunk of our lives here, dozing and dreaming.  An unusual and somehow romantic style of bed, hanging beds, would give you a boudoir all of your friends will go green with envy over.

Fancy something a little cosier?  How about snuggling down into your choice of sleeping pods.  When you wake refreshed you could explore your bedroom storage systems ... hey, what great space saving shoe storage solutions you've got in there!  Once you've woken your overnight guest from their slumber on your small sofa bed with a hot mug of cafe latte, it's time to make breakfast.

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Small Bathroom ideas

Comfort and luxury in your small bathroom is a relaxing way to start your day.  Bathtubs for small spaces won't leave you with your knees up around your chin but they will make best use of the little space your abode allows.  Or perhaps a small shower is more your style?

composting toilet is, by nature, quite a compact toilet (odourless too) and therefore well suited to a small space.

There is another, more modern alternative - a compact bathroom solution - where multiple facets of your bathroom, including the vanity, are combined into one unit.  Clever 'eh!

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small kitchen DESIGN

A small kitchen design is really so much more practical than a large one.

There's less surface space to keep clean and small kitchen ideas and accessories make use of every available inch.

Kitchen storage solutions can even be incorporated into the legs of small kitchen tables or as part of a compact kitchen all-in-one : just another way the designers of today's small and tiny house world are multi-tasking furniture pieces.

Other items for your small kitchen: a small kitchen sinkcompact ovencompact dishwashersmall microwavesmall refrigerator and a small dishwasher.  There's no need to go without your basic conveniences when they come in mini sizes.

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space saving ideas

Small space saving ideas and convertible furniture for your living area are more often convertible in their functionality:

Sofas for small spaces can be used to house storage underneath the seat cushions or double up as a second bed.  Sectional, or modular, sofas are also useful when space is at a premium.

Storage for small spaces can also come in the form of bookcase-like partitions to separate living spaces if the house is open plan or as functional part of another piece of furniture.

Small desks are almost impossible to do without in the age of computers, printers and gadgets in general.  They're a great place to tuck papers, books and other nick-nacks away too and in this small space world, small bookcases are a great desk attachment.

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Decorating small spaces is very simple to do these days with the major furniture retailers offering up countless and varied designs to suit each person's taste.

As furniture for small rooms is a natural extension of living in small spaces (which is a major growing trend given the economic situation), more compact, sectional, modular, multi-functional and all-in-one designs come onto the market everyday.

A couple of years ago, the variety of furniture for small spaces that exists today would've been a tricky thing to locate. Thankfully, that's now a thing of the past!

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