With many small farmhouse plans to choose from and only your imagination to limit you, you can really get creative with your own personal version of what a small farmhouse would look like.


Out of all of the traditional country designs for small farmhouse plans with character and quality, small barn plans seem to be the most popular. 

When you opt for pure simplicity, plans for a barn mean that you don't waste your time or resources : flooring, four sides, a roof and an upper/loft floor and it's done.

Small Barn homes can be constructed quickly, compared to the standard house design. You can be out of the weather and cosy in your new home in a very short space of time.

The loft creates bedroom space and attic storage areas leaving the open-plan living area downstairs free for the family to roam about in.

Now, that's the kind of house that even I can build. Maybe with just a little help from my friends. When you're trying to be frugal and looking for the perfect small farm home for you and yours, traditional barn houses offer great use of a small floor space.




Fancy building your own small farm house?

This is the perfect book for beginner builders.  In fact, the book has been written just for us!  Our copy has been read by both my partner and I and will be used to build a test structure on our property in the near future.

La Mar gives step-by-step and fully detailed instructions to get yourself off the grid (including how to build and install all necessary household systems) and into your own small home. If you had a mind to change the design of the house to a small farmhouse plan (or any other design really), "Simple Solar Homesteading - Off The Grid" by La Mar Alexander is the right book for you.

Read for the homesteading tips alone, this book is a priceless resource.

Get your copy!

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