Small Eco Houses are the simple, inexpensive, friendly choice

Keeping you warm and feeding your soul!

Eco friendly house plans are nearly here.  Meanwhile, here's a cool natural houses map.  

Find low impact green house plans for cob, adobe, strawbale, earthbag, cordwood, timber, ricehull, earthship and hempcrete.  Use the arrows at the top left to work your way around the globe.

Click on one of the icons Strawbale eco houses Earthship Eco houses Hempcrete Eco houses to see more information about that particular green home and the owner's website.

  • Cob houses for that smooth, earthy feeling.
  • Mud brick houses:  rough on the outside, perfect on the inside.
  • A Rammed earth house for ultimate strength in the structure without compromising on the easy-to-build aspect.
  • Adobe houses that are much like cob ... but, different!
  • Green home plans for the ultimate naturally friendly dwelling.
  • Energy efficient home plans: living in the perfect interior temperatures all year round.
  • Recycled houses:  when your super thrifty nature drives you to build for the joy of free-cycling.

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