Seeking alternative energy sources for the home?

Solar  |  Wind  |  Biodiesel

Take a hacksaw to your energy bills and go off-grid with alternative energy sources.

Moving away from traditional suppliers of power toward alternative energy sources is a leap away from the 'norm'.  With constantly rising electricity and gas prices, it's now time to find more cost-effective and independent means for powering our lives. 

Green energy sources offer many benefits:

  • decreasing your utility expenses to almost nothing (or just plain nothing at all),
  • enabling you to become more self-sufficient,
  • safe-guarding your lifestyle against the cost of future energy increases,
  • you'll be doing your bit for the conservation of our natural resources (your halo's going to shine so bright!), and
  • teaching your kids (and others that know you), by your excellent example, to think outside the square to solve problems in their own lives!

(And you thought you were just going to save money!)

No doubt about it, you're breaking some new ground here in sourcing your own DIY alternative energy sources for your home energy - good for you! 

Because new ground can be tough to break if you just go at it with a shovel on your own, we're going to find step-by-step ways to make it happen so creating future energy sources doesn't get the better of us.

Once you've successfully setup your choice of alternative energy for the home, like wind, solar or biodiesel, it's all free (or very minimal cost).

Green energy is renewable energy.  It's a win-win for you and the earth.

DIY Solar Power. Make Wind Power. Anyone can do it!

Alternative Energy Sources - Solar

DIY and Build Your Own Solar Panels

Solar energy needs no introduction really.  We all know that solar means 'of the sun' so it stands to reason that solar energy is energy generated from the sun.

The method of harnessing the sun's energy is traditionally one that could be outsourced to a professional who comes to your house, charges you thousands and thousands of dollars and leaves you with a couple of shiny silver panels on your roof.

When I'm looking to save money by building a small house, I really don't want to then spend thousands on overpriced solar panels when I can do it myself.  How about you?

Your step by step Solar Energy guide

Being that you've landed here, you must be curious about how to build your own solar panel system already.  So let's get to it and explore DIY Build Your Own Solar Panel systems.

Alternative Energy Sources - Wind

Alternative Energy Sources - Biodiesel

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