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The L.I.S.H. Small-Zine, Issue #001 -- The Living in Small Spaces Phenomenon Takes Off!
October 23, 2010

Dear Small House Lovers,

Living In Small Spaces: The Phenomenon Continues to Grow

Mortgages continue to grow, home loan interest does too. McMansions abound. It makes me want to take out a full page ad on Oprah to get the Small House message across to those who haven't come across it yet! is proud that you've chosen to visit our fast growing site and become one of a small niche who are 'getting in on the ground level'.

This first ever Small-Zine is going to be a short one as I'm sure you have plenty of email in this inbox to keep you busy.

We wanted to let you know about some of our newest additions to the small house choices available to you and about the upcoming additions to look forward to:


Cozy Log Cabin Kit Homes

Remember Grizzly Adams, that TV show of years ago? My inspiration for a love of cozy log cabins comes from here.
Find out how a log kit home differs from a prefab log home, get a quote from our log kit suppliers.
Also, get the know-how on building a DIY log home from an Expert!

Build Your Own Solar Panel: DIY Energy from the Sun

Hand in hand with building a small house, the desire to build your own solar panel system springs forth quite naturally for some.
After all, why stop at building a small house when you're trying to save big money?  There are some pretty funny videos here too.

The Ultimate Recipe for Cheap Houses

  • Plans for small inexpensive house styles;
  • A little Mortgage (or No More Mortgage!) and
  • A dash of your personality
Down-size your expenses with small inexpensive house plans

Coming Soon to

Furniture for Small Spaces
Underground Homes
Small Tree House Homes
NEW E-book: "Can You Say No More Mortgage! or Bad Credit"
If you think living without a mortgage is impossible,
welcome to the new world of living in small houses

Happy Small House Hunting!


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